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Halal Ration Packages It is a ready-made meals package consisting of menus that meet the daily necessities required by special religious demands.

What is Ration Package It is a ready-made food package consisting of menus that can meet the daily consumption (nutrition, energy) according to the period determined by the consumer mass (morning, noon, evening).
Ration packs can be prepared according to consumer taste profile

Who uses Civil Society Organizations, Public and private organizations, Military forces, Security forces, People who are interested in outdoor sports, Relief Organizations (Red Cross / Red Crescent etc.)

Where there is no catering facilities, Outdoor activities, Natural disasters (fire, earthquake, flood)

Drinks and beverage preparation bags, Snacks, Energy and food supplements, Flameless food and water heater, Water purification tablets, Accessory package (Fork, spoon, knife, salt, spices, sugar, tea, coffee, toothpicks, wet wipes, napkins, chewing gum, etc.)

Advantages of Using Ratio Packages Hafifir, All products are prepared using flexible packaging, Much sharper than tin packaging and occupies less space

Easy to open, quick to prepare, only 100 ml water and heater kit is enough for heating and not requiring electricity and fire. With the Heater Kit it reaches the temperature that it can consume within 10 minutes



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